Oceanix Offshore is an investment company. Her focus is on marine and offshore based companies.

Oceanix has a subsidiary company for Diving, ROV and rope access services. With a professional team of staff, Bluestream Offshore provides a wide range of specialist services for the international Oil and Gas Industry Renewable Energy and Maritime Sector from its home base in Den Helder, the Netherlands. For more information please refer to the website of Bluestream Offshore.

Also Oceanix has an interest in Den Helder Support Service (DHSS). This company, with its facilities at Nieuwediepkade and at the helicopter base in Den Helder, is among others, active as Ships Agency in ports of Den Helder, Ymuiden, Amsterdam, Harlingen and Eemshaven. At the local helicopter base, the company serves among others, various oil companies as freight- and dispatch agency. For more information please refer to the website of Den Helder Support Service.